January 23, 2019

Get Involved

We are currently accepting applications for volunteers and will contact you as the need arises for your expertise.

There are three ways you can get involved:

  1. Share Your Success Story
  2. For a story to qualify as an ADHD Heroes story,  it must meet one of the first two criteria:

    1. Our heroes must have been diagnosed with ADHD, or
    2. Be the non-ADHD spouse of a diagnosed ADHDer
    3. AND

      It must meet ALL the following criteria:

    4. You must have overcome obstacles related to ADHD
    5. You must be successful despite of or because of their ADHD in one or more areas of your life (career, business, relationship, financial, social, community)
    6. Your story is one that inspires, provides hope
    7. And you must agree to divulge your true identity on the Internet (no pseudonyms).

    If you fit these criteria please complete the form and if your story is selected, an interviewer will contact you.

  3. You Want to Volunteer Your Writing or Interviewing Talents
  4. If you are an interviewer/writer or journalist in print or broadcast media, we will ask you to submit a sample of your writing or a link to a broadcast you’ve done. To apply to be an Interviewer/writer or journalist, click here.

  5. Volunteer Your Strengths, Interest, or Passion
  6. If you have a talent, interest or passion and want to get involved, apply here.